How to update to Windows 11?

2021-11-16 16:09:05 mele 2895

PCG02 GLK\PCG02 GLE\Quieter2\PCG35 GLK\PCG35 GML4GB+64GB or higher configuration are able to be upgraded to Win11 .

PCG02 APL\PCG02 APO are unable to support Win11.

If you are not sure whether your mini PC supports win11 or not, please contact for support.

Here are upgrade methods and operation procedures about how to upgrade Win11 for your PC.

Method A: start upgrading your PC when you receive system prompt from Windows.

Method B: upgrade your PC through Windows 11 Installation Assistant.

Personal files will not be erased in this method, but we suggest you make backup for your important files in case accident happens.

If sound card in your mini PC is ES8336, recording function of sound card will be probably lost after upgrading your PC to Win11. In this case, please click here.

Before upgrading, please check if your PC meets Windows 11 requirements in PC Health Check app.

Enter and click DOWNLOAD PC HEALTH CHECK APP to download it.

Install the app.

Run the app, and then click “check now” button.

When you get confirmation that your mini PC meets Windows 11 requirements prompt, click “Device specifications”.

You will see the prompt This PC will run Windows 11.

Next, open the website:, select Windows 11 Installation Assistant and click “Download Now” to download the installation assistant.

After full download, run the Windows 11 Installation Assistant, click the Accept and install button.

Wait for automatic download and installation. (Depending on the actual situation such as model configuration and network conditions, this process may take an hour or several hours. It is recommended to perform the upgrade operation during free time.)

Finally, restart the PC to complete the installation of Windows 11.

Method C: Upgrade your PC through Microsoft's Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO).

This method is more safer for personal files that will not be erased during upgrading.

If sound card in your mini PC is ES8336, recording function of sound card will be probably lost after upgrading your PC to Win11. In this case, please click here.

Open the website:, select Windows 11 in Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO),and then click the “Download” button.

Select the product language

Please choose the same language when you install Windows. To see what language you're currently using, go to Time and language in PC settings or Region in Control Panel.

After selecting the language, click “Confirm” button.

If the language you choose is not the same, you will have the following prompt during installation. Click the OK button to continue the installation.

Links is valid for 24 hours from creation. Click the “64-bit Download“ button to download.

After complete download, select Win11x64.iso, right-click and select Mount.

After entering, double-click to run setup.exe.

Follow the prompts to set the Windows 11 Setup.

Click “change what to keep” to choose whether to keep personal files or not. Then click the install button to start the installation.

Method D: Upgrade your PC through MeLE's Windows 11 Disk Image.

Personal files and apps will be completely deleted in this method, please make good backup for important files.

Go to get the installation package and method.